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Christmas in Alberta - from KATRAY  - -----  2Min 42 Sec
Peace on Earth - from KATRAY  - -----  4Min 08 Sec
Tatterred and Shorn Video - from KATRAY  - -----  3Min 40 Sec
HAD A BAD DAY Video - from KATRAY  - Had a Bad Day CD -----  4Min 28 Sec

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From Katray - Red Ruby Calling - Side A - The Hunted



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Red Ruby Calling - Side B - The Hunted, by Katray



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- Railing Against the System -


Liquid County










 Katrays music virtually trickles in and slowly grabs you.

Everything sort of melds together, into one mellow rebellion of sounds.  



Lou Reed meets Margo Timmins.



One cannot help but draw parallels to Canadian legend Neil Young or even Bob Dylan.

Katray was formed back in 2000 and has had some remarkable musical experiences,

including buying a school bus and transforming it into a mobile home.

With the mobile music-mobile intact, the duo has darted across Canada for eight years,

performing everywhere and anywhere they can. Wal-Mart parking lots, art galleries

and even in-bus performances have seen the likes of two humble,

musical partners embarking on a journey of healing through chords and choruses.

The Excalibur


With a certainly independent spirit, KATRAY has cornered a ballistic

yet subdued epic sound into an acoustronic headlock.

Basically, KATRAY is a sexy hot call.

CKDU Halifax


Katray is what you should listen to when you want to experience

Picasso and Jack Kerouac in music form.

Edge Magazine - Prince George


Their sound is very reminiscent of early ''90''s psychedelic, acoustic rock bands

like Jesus and Mary Chain and the Meat Puppets.This is not a bad thing.

oMega - Kamloops BC


The album slowly screams through a journey of discontent with the status quo and

of hope for an end to the creative corruption ever so obvious in mainstream art. 

CHSR  Fredericton



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3 New Winter tracks now available on Bandcamp, including the first track from Red Ruby Calling to be released digitally. One Small Thing, along with a bonus track from the Yukon recording session: Cabin In the Woods, and Queen of the New Year's Ball featuring Kat on vocals and Ray on Ukelele. 


In the last year KATRAY have logged 69 gigs performing at Community Halls, High Schools, Universities, Malls, Campfires, Saloons, Markets, Seniors Centres, Quilt Shows, Arenas, Parties, Fairs, Pizza Parlours, Art Galleries, Ranches, Fashion Shops, Restaurants, RV Sales Centres, Tourist Boutiques, and Ice Cream Parlours.


Some recent past Volunteer/ Promotional Performances include: Live shows for CFRC Kingston ON, CHYT Dawson City YT, National Eugenics Awareness Week – University of Alberta, Montreal Anarchist Cabaret, CKDU Halifax NS, Legions, Occupy Montreal, Live Outdoor Show for CKUT Montreal's Chambre A Aire, Prince Rupert BCs Salmon Festival, CHCR 10th Anniversary Festival, Pyramid Cabaret Showcase Winnipeg MB, Lifestyle Report for CBC Toronto Radio.


Lifestyle Interviews and Performances for Film and T.V:
- Concordia University Film Short
- For T.V. Documentary on Underground Nightlife in major cities around the globe – Montreal
- CBC Toronto 6 O'Clock News
- Performance with Joe Guy - Australian Long Rider Cowboy - Reality TV Show – Alberta

KATRAY have also played: First Nation Reservations, Hotels/Motels, Bars, Coffee Houses, Indie Venues, Record Stores, Pembroke ON Winterfest, Amphitheatres, Strathcona Blues Festival Winnipeg MB, Country Music Festival Rosie Magoo's Cornwall ON




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